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WSI Case Study


Our client, Leguano Inc. owns the North American rights to sell Leguano Barefoot Shoes, a premium line of barefoot shoes manufactured in Germany. We began marketing for Leguano Inc. at the end of 2016, at that point they had been operating for only about a year.

The challenge

As a new venture, Leguano Inc. needed to improve their online presence and visibility to generate online sales.

The solution

We built a new eCommerce website for Leguano Inc. that was better built to convert traffic into sales, and we focused on a search engine optimization program to increase search traffic to the new website.  See their website here.

The results

In our first 3 years of working with Leguano Inc. our SEO efforts increased traffic to the web from less than 15,000 visits in 2016 to nearly 70,000 visits in 2019. This resulted in a sales increase of of 625% in 3 years from $23,427 in 2016 to $146,773 in 2019.

Leguano Inc. has been very happy with our results and as a result, in 2020 we’ve expanded services by expanding our SEO campaign, taking over social media marketing, writing regular blog posts and expanding on our sales automation efforts with regularly scheduled emails to our customers and followers.

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If you’re looking for help with digital marketing and are inspired by the Leguano Barefoot Shoes story above, then reach out to us.

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