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From Zero To 100 In 30 Days

WSI Case Study

Taking A Start-Up From 0 To 100 In 30 Days!

Fifield Brick & Stone Restoration came to us for digital marketing assistance just days before their company opened it’s doors for business.

Step 1 - Agree On A Plan

We recommended a 2 step approach.  #1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and #2 Paid Search Ads.  In the long run SEO will be the best way to cost effectively generate ongoing leads but it takes time.  We implemented an SEO campaign and look forward to seeing it generate leads later in the year.  In the meantime, Paid Search Ads provide immediate results, something that was very important in this case.

Step 2 - Build Landing Pages

In order to maximize the effectiveness of our Paid Search Ads we created 2 unique Landing Pages to send traffic to instead of just sending them to the Home Page of the website.  These Landing Pages are designed specifically to convert traffic into leads.


Step 3 - Create An Effective Ad Campaign

There are many variables when creating ads and they can all contribute to the success or demise of a campaign.  Getting the ad content wrong or having it display to the wrong people can be very costly.  It’s important to attract clicks but you want them to be qualified potential customers otherwise you are wasting away your ad budget.

Step 4 - Results

If a paid search ad gets more than a 2% click through rate it’s considered above average, right out of the gate our ads were nearly double that at more than 4%.  In our first campaign our ad spend of about $250 per week resulted in 1,572 ad impressions and 61 clicks.  Of those 61 clicks we received about 6 requests for quotes per week for a very impressive 10% visitor conversion rate.  In the very first week my client closed a job for nearly $10,000.  After a month my client asked to reduce the ad budget as he was busier than he could handle, an excellent problem to have, especially for a brand new business.

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